9. | Back to Work

I had so much fun over the winter break that it felt like it would last forever. I’d had a healthy balance of going places, experiencing things, and spending quiet time at home and I mean, I definitely needed some ‘chill days’ to recover from staying out all night on New Year’s.

I’m not a university student anymore, that’s for sure.

All too soon, it was time to start acting like a functioning adult again. It was time to fix my sleeping pattern, restart my to-do lists, and get back into the routine of lesson prep.

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6. | Red Brick Warehouse & Landmark Tower

The vast majority of my weekdays are taken up by work, preparing for work, and generally doing boring adult things. So when the weekend arrives, I like to go all out and have fun. I’m not saying my job can’t be fun, but it’s still a job and it’s still Serious Business™, despite the fact that a considerable portion of it involves me singing and making exaggerated gestures in front of children.

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