3 More Dream Destinations in Japan

One of my favourite things to do is travel, from planning itineraries to exploring a new city. I’ve already visited a tonne of places in Japan, but even so, I’m itching to visit more.

Last year I compiled a list of my top travel goals and it really helped with deciding where to stay next so I figured: why not do it again? Now updated for early 2020, here’s where I want to go this year (well, if I can, that is) …

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Summer-Winter Reading List 2019 (Japanese Literature)

Facing a few weeks away from teaching and therefore more free time than I knew what to do with, I decided to take the opportunity to start reading again.

I got a Kindle for my birthday two years ago as a way of being able to read as many books as I wanted, without sacrificing space in my suitcase or in my tiny Japanese apartment. For the most part it’s been very useful, allowing me to experience great novelists like Osamu Dazai, Akutagawa Ryuunosuke, and Murasaki Shikibu, but I have to admit, I’d been slipping recently.

My time all too consumed with writing and studying, I’d barely read at all between May and July. I needed to change that, because while I have written way over 50,000 words since May and my blog has now overflowed onto a secondary sequel site, I should take time to enjoy the other side of things.

I’m also very interested in reading as much Japanese literature as I can, from a variety of authors so here’s what I chose for my reading list this time around…

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Kawagoe: Big Treats in Little Edo

As the last weekend of August drew closer, I was determined to finish my summer break with zero regrets of what I could’ve done. I’d spent around eleven months wishing I’d been able to do more last year, and there was no way I wanted to repeat that feeling.

I’d already spent a few days in Osaka and Kyoto, hung out with some friends in Tokyo, and visited some new places in Yokohama, but I wanted more.

I have well and truly caught the travel bug and I decided that my last few days of holiday were going to be spent crossing off a couple of entries on my list of day trips. First was Sarushima, an abandoned military island which I wrote about a few weeks ago. I visited there on a Friday, and after a day to get myself organised, I was back out on the Sunday to visit Kawagoe.

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Exploring an Abandoned Military Island (Sarushima, Yokosuka)

After a trip down to Kansai for my birthday, I decided that my next excursions would be a little closer to home. After all, I have done a lot of travelling this year and not only did I figure it was time to start saving money again, but there were also a few day trips that I had in mind.

Something I’d been meaning to do for a while is visit the island of Sarushima, just off the coast of Yokosuka…

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Kyoto (A Birthday Adventure in Kansai)

When I visited Kyoto back in March, there was so much left that I wanted to see and I left the prefecture feeling slightly unfulfilled in a positive, “I really want to come back” kind of way.

Because of that, when I was organising my trip to the Osaka area, a little ‘what if…’ started to form in the back of my mind. It wouldn’t cost much more to tack on an extra day in Kyoto and I could easily book my night bus to leave from there instead. Travelling by night bus, I wouldn’t have to arrange accommodation in two cities, but I could still make the most of another 12+ hours in the ancient capital. Continue reading “Kyoto (A Birthday Adventure in Kansai)”

Universal Studios Japan (A Birthday Adventure in Kansai)

After a little jaunt around Osaka City the day before, my second day in Kansai was the main event.

Choosing to postpone it by 24 hours because I’d anticipated getting a poor amount of sleep on the bus, I knew from previous experience that I would not be awake enough to tackle Universal Studios on day one. Continue reading “Universal Studios Japan (A Birthday Adventure in Kansai)”