21. | Hakone [Part 1/2: Gora and Owakudani Volcano]

Recently, I’ve been sorting through old photos to upload to Facebook and given that I take way too many, it’s not exactly been a quick five minute job. Because of that, I currently still have photos from three months ago still hidden on my laptop. While looking through April’s pictures, I found the ones from the trip to Hakone, and I figured it was about time I actually documented that day.

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20. | Kamakura

I’ve been planning on visiting Kamakura for a long time now. Because it’s one of the main places that appear when you research Kanagawa Prefecture, I knew I wanted to check it out. However, every time I had any free time, I kept postponing it and postponing it.

In the winter, my excuse was waiting for the warmer weather. It is a coastal city after all, and even if I’m used to freezing grey beaches back home, I wanted to choose a good day for it. During the school holidays and Golden Week, my excuse was that crowds of people from neighbouring cities would be descending on the Shōnan coastline for a little dose of escapism. This is especially true seeing as it’s only an hour away from Yokohama and an hour and a half away from Tokyo, the two largest cities in the whole of Japan.

Fortunately for me, fate decided to step in and make sure I wouldn’t keep procrastinating.

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19. | 15 Ways I’ve Changed Since Moving to Yokohama

Yesterday marked my six month anniversary of emigrating to Japan, and over the last couple of weeks I’ve been hyper-aware of that fact. Recently, my life here has been changing and I’ve had to spend the last month adapting all over again. But that also made me think: “How am I better equipped to handle things this time around? How am I different?”

So, I compiled a list of a few ways that I’ve changed over the space of half a year…

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16. | Bungou Stray Dogs in Yokohama [Part 1/2: Dead Apple]

I know I’m a stereotype when I confess that I became seriously interested in Japan through watching anime. Like so many people my age, I was introduced to Pokemon, Digimon, and Sailor Moon during childhood, and my love for the genre has stayed with me for at least seventeen years. So much so, that I probably shouldn’t admit how many series I’ve actually watched.

But one of my current favourites is a show called Bungou Stray Dogs. It’s a mystery and supernatural anime (with a healthy dose of action for good measure), adapted from an ongoing manga by Asagiri Kafka. The story tells of a boy named Nakajima Atsushi who has been cast out from his orphanage and left to fend for himself. Starving and close to death, he encounters a strange man drowning and upon saving him, he becomes entangled in a new world of supernatural abilities and the organisations that use them.

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