10. | A Snowy Day & Limited Edition Coke

One of the things that make Japan so interesting is the fact that the climate is so diverse. From the freezing north of Hokkaido to the warm island of Okinawa in the south, you can find a wide range of temperatures just in one day. In fact – at the time of writing – Okinawa is currently 22°C and Hokkaido is 24 degrees colder at -2.

Fortunately, I live in an area that’s right in the middle, and while I did feel the air get a little bit frostier in the last few weeks we hadn’t had any dramatic weather…

… until Monday.

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9. | Back to Work

I had so much fun over the winter break that it felt like it would last forever. I’d had a healthy balance of going places, experiencing things, and spending quiet time at home and I mean, I definitely needed some ‘chill days’ to recover from staying out all night on New Year’s.

I’m not a university student anymore, that’s for sure.

All too soon, it was time to start acting like a functioning adult again. It was time to fix my sleeping pattern, restart my to-do lists, and get back into the routine of lesson prep.

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