A Week in Bento Boxes (February 18th – 22nd)

I’ve been preparing bento boxes for work since the start of November, and given that we’re now in February, that’s approximately three months worth of lunches. I usually take one lunchbox photo a day, partly to compare food with friends but mostly to keep a record of meals that worked and if I’m ever stuck for an idea, I can scroll through my camera roll and choose something.

This is especially true now I’m trying to reduce my intake of meat and animal products. I’m neither vegan nor vegetarian but making some substitutions in my diet is my small contribution to helping the planet. Also, it forces me to think more about what I put in my body which is pretty important as a young adult living alone. I could very easily binge on cake, crisps, and (fake) bacon sandwiches if I didn’t keep myself in check.

I thought that others might be interested in some bento ideas, so here are the lunches I ate this week…

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Reverse Culture Shock (Japan → UK)

Over the Christmas period I returned to England for the first time in fourteen months. I was warned that things would feel weird the first time I went home, and despite doing my best to be flexible and re-adapt, there were still quite a few cultural differences that unnerved me during my eleven days back in the country. Now, eleven days is not nearly enough time to fall right into the depths of reverse culture shock, but it certainly enough to feel unusual, like I was kind of separate from everything.

I figured it would be interesting to compile a list of all the British stuff that now seems strange to me, so here are seven things that made me realise just how much I’ve changed in the last year and a bit…

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Japan Diary: January 2019 (UK to Yokohama)

I started January 2019 the same way I’ve seen in most New Year’s Days, curled up on the sofa watching TV with my family. It was a far cry from last year when I was in a club in Shibuya dancing to Ed Sheeran with some really friendly drag queens, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. London’s fireworks came to a close and remembered staying up until 9am to watch them twelve months ago (before falling asleep for a few hours after our all-nighter in Tokyo). This time however, I was tucked up in bed by half past one, ready for the day to begin properly. Continue reading “Japan Diary: January 2019 (UK to Yokohama)”