Photo Collection [1.5 Years in Japan]

In two weeks will be my one and a half year anniversary of moving to Japan. I’ve largely stopped counting, but it’s coming to the end of another contract so it made me realise just how long it’s been.

I’ve recently bought a new camera – a development that has taken over a year of complaining, justification, and broken battery hatches. I’d had my old camera for almost seven years so it’s seen me through a lot of memories… multiple holidays, conventions, and four years of university. It also saw me through my first trip to Japan over two years ago, and my first year and a half of being an official resident here.

I decided that, as a send-off to the camera that moved here with me, I’d collect some of my favourite photos that I’ve taken over the last few years. Continue reading “Photo Collection [1.5 Years in Japan]”

3 Dream Destinations in Japan

Two weeks ago marked seventeen months of living in Japan, and I’ve mostly traveled around the same area, due to one reason or another.

I have decided to change that in the coming year. I’m here to experience Japan, and while I have the whole daily life thing down, I want to see more than just the Kanto region. I’ve studied in Fukuoka and visited places in Nagano Prefecture, but everywhere else is Kanto.

That needs to change.

So, here are my top three places that I want to visit…

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