26 Japanese Stereotypes Before 26

I recently celebrated my 26th birthday, and every time I get a year older, I like to look back over the last twelve months. Last year, I did a post talking about things I learnt in my 25th year and a lot of those lessons I carried into this year too.

So, to do something different, I wanted to document 26 typical ‘Japanese things’ that I’d done before turning 26 years old. If I’ve previously mentioned it in a blog, I’ll leave a link so you can find out more! Continue reading “26 Japanese Stereotypes Before 26”

Japan Diary: July 2019

After finishing June with a trip to the cinema to see the new Spiderman movie, the first week of July was time to get serious.

The seventh was rapidly approaching and time seemed to be getting faster every day. I began to panic, because that day was the day when I would be taking the JLPT. Continue reading “Japan Diary: July 2019”