Universal Studios Japan (A Birthday Adventure in Kansai)

After a little jaunt around Osaka City the day before, my second day in Kansai was the main event.

Choosing to postpone it by 24 hours because I’d anticipated getting a poor amount of sleep on the bus, I knew from previous experience that I would not be awake enough to tackle Universal Studios on day one. Continue reading “Universal Studios Japan (A Birthday Adventure in Kansai)”

Osaka (A Birthday Adventure in Kansai)

I know the mid to late twenties are often when people stop caring about their birthday, but on turning 26, I was determined to make it special.

I stubbornly refuse to lose that glimmer of excitement because, I mean, the world is negative enough as it is without ruining birthdays too. The actual day was pretty normal and apart from a phone call to my twin sister, it could’ve passed for any random day. But exactly a week later is when I could properly celebrate.

I’d booked a trip as a present to myself but because my birthday was the day after I finished work for the summer, I thought it would’ve been too tight a squeeze to catch the bus the night before. Taking hostel availability into account, I shifted it back a week, and I was anticipating it eagerly. Continue reading “Osaka (A Birthday Adventure in Kansai)”