Japan Diaries


  • January
    In which I leave the UK again, and readjust to life back in Japan.
  • February
    In which I spend a lot of time in Kamakura, and have a snowy day in Yokohama.
  • March
    In which I finally get chance to travel out of the Kanto area, and try to make some adult life decisions.
  • April
    In which I go back to school, attend a tea ceremony, and have to talk to the police.
  • May
    In which I see the new Emperor, eat some interesting ramen, and have all the emotions.
  • June
    In which I hit 50 posts, have a huge dose of British food and culture, and experience things which make me appreciate Japan a little more.
  • July
    In which I take a Japanese exam and have to go to the dentist, but I made up for it with an ‘anime pilgrimage’ to Enoshima.
  • August Part I
    In which I saw countless Pikachu, took myself on a solo date to Kawasaki, and spent a great summer in Yokohama.
  • August Part II 
    In which I have an excellent day in Tokyo, plus a couple of little day trips, seeing off the summer with a barbeque in Kamakura.
  • September
    In which I see in the start of typhoon season, have a great time watching fireworks in Zushi, and hang out with my friends in a Tokyo AirBnB.
  • October
    In which I deal with housing and Typhoon Hagibis, go to my school’s sports day, and find out how long my new visa is for.
  • November
    In which I move house, hang out with friends, and try vegan cooking in Japan.
  • December
    In which I explore a really cool Buddhist temple, revisit Nagano Prefecture, and get ready for Christmas.


  • January
    In which I try to make myself fall in love with Japan again after going back home, restart my routine, and set my goals for 2020.
  • February
    In which I cross some more places off my list in Kamakura, have some pretty serious laptop issues, and visit the home of the famous maneki neko.
  • March
    In which I deal with coronavirus panic in Japan, say goodbye to a couple of schools, and experience sakura with snow for the first time.
  • April
    In which I start work at a new school, attempt to write poetry in Japanese, and adapt to life during a pandemic.
  • May
    In which I work from home, practice self care, and play a lot of Animal Crossing.
  • June
    In which I go back to school, regain some sense of normality, and attend a peaceful march for BLM Tokyo.
  • July
    In which I venture further out, tentatively start travelling again, and celebrate my third birthday in Japan.
  • August
    In which I relax at home, run away to Hokkaido for a few days, and try to enjoy the summer as much as I could.
  • September
    In which I visit an art museum in Fujisawa, manage to get some walking time in before typhoon season, and take a trip to Tochigi Prefecture.
  • October
    In which I spend some time in Kamakura and Yokosuka, get some important organisation done, and attend my school’s sports day.
  • November
    In which I celebrate three years in Japan with a trip down memory lane, enjoy another fun day in Kamakura, and have a low-key Friendsgiving.
  • December
    In which I have a bit of a Bad Time™, take part in a project I’ve been keeping a secret, and spend Christmas in Japan.
  • January
    In which I celebrate the New Year by combining different traditions, get back into cooking and photography, and bite off a little more than I can chew.